Easy Peasy

ASU - Easy PeasyCOVERF
OUTFIT |Shu Shu .xmas witch 2018 – classic & mesh bodies (free)
                    outfit includes: hair/scarf/sweater/coat/pants/boots
LIPSTICK |Sintiklia .makeup set 2 – 6 shades for Lelutka (free)
I love it when a gift just blows me away!  Shu Shu’s Xmas Witch Outfit is simply fantastic.  It has everything you need for a new look conveniently packed into one little box.  All of the items can be worn by mesh and classic avatars, and there are also two witch hats and a backpack not pictured in this post.
ASU - Easy PeasyBAck
The detailing on the sweater coat is exceptional.  I love the boho feel that is a bit reminiscent of the Katwise upcycled elf sweater coats.
ASU - Easy PeasyFACEF
The hair comes rigged and unrigged for easy resizing.
This awesome lipstick shade is one of six included in a free gift from Sintiklia for Lelutka head wearers – no group join required.
ASU - Easy Peasy shoe
The winter boots are one size fits all, and include an alpha for classic avatars.
Not only is this a fun outfit, but it guarantees you’ll be dressed in record time leaving you free to roam the grid in style!

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