Stylishly Distanced

AS - Eva5

| HAIR |Sintiklia.Cora Hair – fitmesh with 2 color HUDs (free)
| SKIN |Second Life Marketplace.M&B.Juliet Skin – system skins + applier HUDs, includes NoBrows (free) 
| EYES |Euphoric.Fem Mesh Eyes – mesh + appliers with color HUD (group gift/free) 
| BODY & SHAPE |The Free Dove.eBody Shop.eBody free Curvy v8.6 – BOM Ready with Bento hands & Slink compatible feet + updated HUD (free)
| BOM |eBody Shop.BOM applier – enables eBody free bodies to use BOM (free)  
| OUTFIT |Mangula.Violet Set dresses/heels/sleeves/top/panty – fatpack with 20 color HUD Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Legacy/eBody Curvy (subscriber gift/free) 
| MAKEUP |Second Life Marketplace.Dee TaleZ Skins.Blush Remover – all skin colors, BOM tattoo layers + Genus Applier (free)
| MAKEUP |Second Life Marketplace.alaskametro<3.Lila eyebrows wearable DEMO – auburn tattoo layers + Omega Applier (free)

| HEAD |Genesis Lab.Eva Bento Head v.3.8.5 – Beautiful Bento head with BOM (group gift - join fee 99 Lindens/20 Lindens)

In these perilous times, now more than ever, we need diversions that lift our spirits without endangering our health and welfare.  Bombing around in Second Life is a great way to stay social and have fun, all while doing our bit to flatten the COVID-19 curve.  Who doesn’t love a good game of Greedy Greedy?

I know it’s hard to think happy thoughts at this moment in time.  However, a few laughs, a bit of fun, and a couple of hot new outfits can go a long way to improving our outlook.  Luckily for us, there are several creators around the grid actively trying to give Second Life residents a reason to smile.

All of the tops and bottoms featured today are free gifts from Mangula.  The first two pictures show variations of Mangula’s current subscriber gift (subscribing is free).  Here’s an excerpt from the message accompanying this gift:

“This is an important moment in which we no longer enter SL just for pleasure but also to clear our minds of everything that is happening in the world and that in one way or another affects us, that’s why I thought about making this new Set as a #FreeGift in support of all of you…” – Mangula

This fantastic gift includes both the dresses pictured, the heels, optional sleeves, plus a shirt length model, and a great 20 color texture HUD that separately controls the main fabric and accents.  Thank you Mangula for your caring and generosity!

AS - Eva6
*style information same as above*

I’m going to depart from my normal mention of only free items to briefly discuss Genesis Lab.  I first discovered this talented creator years ago at Tres Chic.  Gensis Lab gifted visitors of the bygone round with a gorgeous albino mesh head.  I was so smitten with the gift, I immediately teleported to the store and joined their group.  And, before you ask, the group is not free to join.  But, the join fee is an extremely modest 99 Lindens considering the store’s group gift wall.

In support of their group members, Genesis Lab has slashed the price of today’s featured mesh head.  Here’s a look at the message sent out to the group:

“A lot of people have to be limited with personal contacts, stay and work at home because of the Covid-19. This difficult time it is very important to be be vigilant and keep calm. As a gesture of our kind support and care we would like to make a present – head Eva 3.8 BOM with 99% discount ♥️” – Genesis Lab

That’s 20 Lindens for group members.  If you are not a member, you’ll need to join the group for 99 Lindens, which would mean a total layout of 119 Lindens for this fantastic Bento rigged head. Folks that’s as close to free as something of this quality gets.  Eva is beautiful and worth every penny.

Thanks Genesis Lab for caring and sharing!

AS - Eva1

| OUTFIT |Mangula.Ada Set – skirt & top Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Legacy/eBody Curvy (lucky board/free)
| OUTFIT |Mangula.Tina Sandals – fatpack color HUD Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Legacy/eBody Curvy (subscriber gift/free)

Now back to the freebies.

Mangula has 20 lucky boards!  They are free for all to play, and change rapidly.  Best of all, their creations also fit eBody’s Curvy mesh.

AS - Eva2b<

| OUTFIT |Mangula.Nela Set – skirt & top Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Legacy/eBody Curvy (lucky board/free)
| OUTFIT |Mangula.Jana Boots – fatpack color HUD Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Legacy/eBody Curvy (subscriber gift/free)

It only took me 15 minutes to win oodles of outfits.

AS - Eva3b

| OUTFIT |Mangula.Yeni Set – skirt/shorts/top Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Legacy/eBody Curvy (lucky board/free)
| OUTFIT |Queenz.Breeze Sandals – fatpack color HUD Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/eBody Curvy (group gift/free)

These highly configurable sandals are a group gift from Queenz.  The group is free to join, and packed with wonderful gifts that also include mesh models sized for eBody Curvy.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the eBody Shop!  Recently, this designer released a major update to their beautiful, but extremely limited, gift bodies.  They now include Bento rigged hands, are BOM ready, and are completely free at certain locations.  The BOM feature won’t work strait out of the box.  You’ll need to pop over to eBody to pick up the free BOM applier.  Trust me peeps, it’s worth the teleport.  This upgrade has moved eBody’s gifts to the top of my best free mesh body list!

AS - Evaface

| HAIR |Sintiklia.Cora Hair – fitmesh with 2 color HUDs (free) 
| SKIN |Second Life Marketplace.M&B.Juliet Skin – system skins + applier HUDs, includes NoBrows (free) 
| EYES |Euphoric.Fem Mesh Eyes – mesh + appliers with color HUD (group gift/free) 
| MAKEUP |Second Life Marketplace.Dee TaleZ Skins.Blush Remover – all skin colors, BOM tattoo layers + Genus Applier (free) 
| MAKEUP |Second Life Marketplace.alaskametro<3.Lila eyebrows wearable DEMO – auburn tattoo layers + Omega Applier (free)

Here’s a closer look at the Eva v. 3.8.5 BOM enable head.  If you decide to add this beauty to your mesh head arsenal, do keep in mind that it does not include a BOM skin.  Which of course is why I’ve included the link to this lovely BOM compatible marketplace freebie.  I love that M&B included browless and cleavage options! The Juliet Skin works seamlessly on this head and body combination.

Stay safe everyone.

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uber Me Happy!

ASU - Uber2019cover5

OUTFIT |uber...*EVERYTHING* (free) *excluding mesh body & eyes*

Uber rounds always rock, but uber birthday rounds – well those are just super cool.  Let’s talk gifts:  they are free, no group join is required, run the gamut of categories,  and are so plentiful you’ll need to enchant your shopping bag with a Capacious Extremis charm.

Uber’s 5th birthday round ends August 22nd, so you’ll need to get a wiggle on to partake in all this lovely uberlisciousness.
ASU - Uber2019back
Though I always focus on apparel, there are loads of great decor and animation gifts to be had.  I even managed to use a gift dance and pose in the photo shoot.

Long nail lovers are going to flip for La Baguette’s Super Long mesh nail gift.  These Bento rigged beauties come with an extensive color change HUD, and are perfect for anyone wearing a gift mesh body lacking nail change options.
ASU - Uber2019face
Here’s a closer look at Tone 2’s eyeshadow gift.  It comes with appliers and a system layer for classic avatars.

Normally I’d wax on about how much I love all of the items modeled today.  However, since the clock ticking down, I’m simply going to name off the designers that made today’s look possible:  Tone 2, MINA, NamiiChu, Mossu, Bombshell, BONDI, RAMA, Dappa, Yummy, [YA], Mangula, La Baguette, Paragon, FOXCITY.

Tick, tick, tick… Happy shopping everyone!


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Casually Festive

ASU - Casually Festivecover
HAIR |Shop & Hop Event .bonbon.bonad – resizable fatpack w/bow HUD (free)
EYES |Shop & Hop Event .Cubic Cherry.Nemune mesh eyes – 8 colors+appliers (free)
JEWELRY1 |Shop & Hop Event .Vibing&Nova.Keira rings – bento (free)
JEWELRY2 |Shop & Hop Event .NamiiChu.twinkle earrings – gold/silver (free)
TOP |Hilly Haalan .Rina sweater – black&gray 5 standard + alpha + fitmesh (GG/free)
PANTS |Shop & Hop Event .Blueberry.250L credit – Jolene jeans flare for flat&high feet plus skinny jean mesh w/tie color HUD (250L/free w/credit)
SHOE |Shop & Hop Event .Mangula.Nina heels – fatpack color HUD/mesh feet (free)

** This body is almost free.  It is Altamura’s 2018 holiday gift body for the TeleportHub group.  Joining the TeleportHub group costs 10L, and entitles members to loads of free gifts year round..**
BODY |Altamura .Clodet – mesh body w/AO & alpha HUDs (TeleportHub GG/10L group join fee)

With over a hundred free gifts just waiting to be snatched up it’s no wonder I’m still shopping & hopping!  The Shop & Hop event definitely requires more than one visit to gather all the fantastic gifts offered.
ASU - Casually Festiveback
To add this tastefully sequined gray sweater to your wardrobe you’ll have to pry yourself away from Shop & Hop, and teleport to Hilly Haalan.  Join the store’s free group, then saunter over to the gift room to pick up this beauty.  It comes in black and gray, and can be worn by both classic and mesh avatars.  It adds just enough sparkle to keep the festive flow of the holidays twinkling though to the New Year.
ASU - Casually Festiveface4
This lovely lady is my favorite Altamura gift body to date.  Clodet’s mostly oval jawline coupled with ultra glamorous eyelashes and the subtlest icy pink lips are simply stunning!  If you favor a light sallow skin color, Clodet is more than worth the 10 Linden group join fee for the TeleportHub.
Cubic Cherry’s Nemune mesh eyes look great on Clodet.  Nemune eyes come in 8 shades plus they have additional shadows and Omega applier HUDs.
Fans of pigtail hairstyles will love this fatpack from bonbon.  The style comes with an additional candy bow HUD (not pictured) that allows the wearer to show or hide the ribbons.  Until next time, shop happy!

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Autumn Formal

ASU - AutumnFormalcover
Don’t let today’s title fool you, we’re still on the hunt!  Namely,  SL F&O’s 1st Annual Hunt.  These gifts are simply awesome, and with nearly 100 stores participating we’ve got a lot of hunt items to share.
Today’s show stopper hunt item is the lovely Paulina gown from A&J Creations.  Best of all, Paulina is sized for classic and mesh bodied avatars.  Inside the box you’ll find an alpha for classic avatars, 5 standard mesh models, 5 fitmesh models, plus models for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.  
ASU - Autumn Formalface
If you wear an Omega compatible head and body then 7 Deadly Skins’ SL F&O gift is for you.  Noira is pleasingly tanned with just the right amount of beauty marks.
Chop Zuey’s contribution to the SL F&O hunt is this delicate leafy jewelry set.  It comes with a HUD that changes the metal and gems.
ASU - Autumn Formalshoe
Yesterday we featured the Nina Elegant Heels v.2 from Mangula. Today we’re showing the Nina Elegant Heels v.1.  Both versions are packed in the same gift box and come with a HUD offering 14 different colors, and are sized for eBODY, Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza feet.  Simply join their subscriber group, wait a few seconds for the database to update, then click the gift boxes and leave happy.
Iona’s Style Card:
SKIN – 7 Deadly Skins Noira – Omega applier one skin tone (SL F&O hunt gift 0L)
DRESS – A&J Creations Paulina dress – Classic & Mesh bodies (SL F&O hunt gift 0L)
JEWELRY – Chop Zuey Fleur Delique Set – gem & metal color HUD (SL F&O hunt gift 0L)
SHOES – Mangula  Nina Elegant Heels 2 – mesh feet + color HUD (subscriber gift 0L)

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Watch Your Step

ASU - Gotta Leafcover.
… I’m hunting leaves!
Or more precisely a leaf that happens to be the hunt object for SL F&O’s 1st Annual Hunt.  So far the gifts in this hunt are fantastic.  There are nearly 100 stores participating, the gifts are high quality, and completely free (0L).
Today’s hunt item feature is the Rush Jumpsuit from ArisArisB&W.  Rush is sized to fit Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza bodies and comes with a 4 texture HUD.  These textures are so nice they leave you wishing for more.
ASU - Gotta Leafback
The jumpsuit has a nice slimming fit, with just the right amount of sheen.
ASU - Gotta Leafhair
If you’re thinking those lips look familiar, it is only because they are.  Estephania is Altamura’s SL F&O gift, and was featured in the Worth It post yesterday.  Though the Altamura bodies are not as widely supported as other mesh bodies, their classic shaping combined with an awesome alpha HUD make it a snap to fit into clothing sized for other brands.
Pop over to Queenz to pickup this casually sleek hair/hat set.  It comes with separate hat and hair color HUDs.
Lazuri supplied the jewelry.  The Classic Pearl Set is a free gift for all store visitors.
ASU - Gotta LeafshoeP
Last stop, Mangula for the Nina Elegant Heels.  They are sized for eBODY, Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and come with a HUD controller for the leather, studs, and heel.  Simply join their subscriber group, wait a few seconds for the database to update, then click the gift boxes and leave happy.
Estephania’s Style Card:
EYES – Linden Labs Daisy eyes @ Your SL Inventory (0L)
…PATH: Inventory/Body Parts/Daisy Eyes
HAIR – Queenz Jaylia – rigged hat/hair combo w/texture HUDs (group gift 0L/0L to join)
& PHYSICS – Altamura Estephania – w/alpha HUD (SL F&O hunt gift 0L)
BODYSUIT – ArisArisB&W Rush Jumpsuit – mesh bodies 4 texture HUD (SL F&O hunt gift 0L)
JEWELRY – Lazuri Classic Pearl Set – resize & color menus (0L)
SHOES – Mangula  Nina Elegant Heels 2 – mesh feet + color HUD (subscriber gift 0L)

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