Go Mesh Young Woman!

AS - 2020 Genus Strong>

| HAIR |Alantori.Lia Hair – Stay-at-Home Club gift fatpack HUD (free)
| HEAD & SKIN |Genus Project.Strong Bento Mesh Head – mesh head + animation/skin/controller HUDS & BOM Ready (group gift/free) 
| BOM |Second Life Marketplace.Genus Project.BOM Activator – enables Genus Project heads to use BOM (free)  
| JEWELRY |Secrets.Hope Necklace – Stay-at-Home Club gift resize + 4 metal & 9 gem color HUD controller (free) 
| DRESS |Seniha Originals.Melany Dress – color HUD Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (group gift/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Wedges – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (group gift/free)

I love the look of mesh avatars.  Even the coolest of classic avatars can’t compete with the extreme level of detail created by all those extra vertices.  Let’s face it, that perfect heart-shaped derriere will never happen on a classic avatar.

Thanks to the introduction of Bakes On Mesh (BOM), generous creators, and a bunch of phenomenal gifts scattered across the grid, this is the perfect time to ditch the old trusty classic avatar for a newer, smoother, mesh model.  Best of all, it won’t cost you a single Linden.  No kidding!

In Stylishly Distanced I featured the upgraded eBody v.8.6 gift bodies.  Today, I’ve got the perfect, and boy do I mean PURRRRRRRRRRRFECT, mesh head to pair with it! Genus Project is giving group memebers a fully featured Bento rigged, Omega and BOM ready mesh head.

AS - 2020 Genus StrongF

Here’s a closeup of the Genus Head – Strong Face GIFT001.  This head is a beauty.  Genus has even included a 3 tone applier HUD with honey, toffee, and brownie skin appliers.  Plus, it comes with a wonderful animation HUD.  Getting this gift is super easy (& 100% FREE).   You can get it from anywhere on the grid by following these steps:

  1.  Join Genus Project’s group for free by pasting this link in local chat:   secondlife:///app/group/b153906f-38dd-0dd6-d327-345bef9f446e/about
  2. Go to the group notices tab and scroll down to the notice titled:  Support from the Genus Project team
  3. Click that notice to open it.
  4. Click on the Open Attachment button.
  5. That’s it, the gift is now in your inventory – unpack & enjoy!
  6. BOM must be activated to use.  Get the free activator from this marketplace link: Free Genus Product BOM Activator.
  7. OMEGA activation is NOT free.  It costs 149 L in the marketplace.  Here’s the link:  Omega System Kit – GENUS.

This stunning Bento head is the Genus Project’s effort to help us “rebuild, and survive self isolation…”  Thank you GENUS for the fantastic gesture!




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