Sweet 17!

AS - July 1

| HAIR |SL17B Shop & Hop.Limerence.Jossy Hair – color HUD + color picker (free)
| SKIN & SHAPE |SL17B Shop & Hop.Genesis Lab.Rosie BOM & Shape – 6 BOM Skins with no-brow options + plus (free) 
| EYES |Demicorn.Queenie Eye Set – Stay-at-Home Club gift 6 color HUD + system eyes (free)
| HEADSET |SL17B Shop & Hop.Foxy. Kitty Headset – unrigged (free)
| MANICURE |SL17B Shop & Hop.Dark Passions.Koffin Nails Coffee Berry – 6 colors Slink/Maitreya/Omega appliers(free)
| TOP |SL17B Shop & Hop.Addams.500 Linden Gift Card – Phoebe Braided top & Lace Corset (gift card purchase/free)
| PANTS |SL17B Shop & Hop.Addams.500 Linden Gift Card – Belle Boyfriend More Ripped Jeans (gift card purchase/free)
| PROP |SL17B Shop & Hop.ChicChicca.Passion fruit popsicle – (free)

Happy 17th Birthday Second Life!  This year the celebration seems bigger and better than ever.  There are 200 merchants participating in the birthday Shop & Hop event.  Since each merchant sets out a free gift, that’s a staggering amount of goodies to collect.

I’m not even going to try cover all the cool things I’ve unpacked.  By the time I got all the pictures cropped, and style cards linked the festivities would end.  Instead I’ll tempt you with one awesome gift I found, and list a couple of links to help you navigate the 10 regions.

As if 10 regions of shopping with free gifts in each store isn’t enough, there is also a separate SL17B gift only area with over 150 interesting gifts.  Plus, for those of you that enjoy working for your gifts, there are also the ever tricky Swaginator Hunt gifts waiting to be discovered.  The party shuts down on July 12th, so let’s get busy.

My favorite SL17B gift is Addams 500 Linden gift card.  It’s fabulously generous, and more than enough to put together a complete outfit.  Simply click on the gift board at Addams’ booth to automatically receive a store credit.  Spend the credit by right clicking a vendor and selecting menu – then pay with credit.  *FYI – Addams group join fee is only 19 Lindens and offers several great fatpack gifts including today’s necklace.*

AS - July 1f

Our model’s skin and shape are Genesis Lab’s lovely gift.  The Rosie BOM skin comes in 6 tones, each of which include a no-brow option. Add hair from Limerence, a headset from Foxy, and a manicure from Koffin Nails to almost complete the look.

You’ll have to tear yourself away from all the birthday madness to pick up these lovely eyes from Demicorn.  Thanks Demicorn for creating such a unique Stay-at-Home Club gift.

Until next time, party on peeps!

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Happy Day!

AS - Nov2

HAIR |Hitogata.Zura2 – 5 colors w/resize copy/mod (free) 
| JEWELRY |Yoimachi Plaza.ASO!.KiraKira Drop Necklace – 3 colors w/resize copy/mod (free)  
| SKIN |7 Deadly Skins.Nadine – 1 tones w/brow option appliers (group luckyboard/free) 
| OUTFIT |Scandalize.Vilora Outfit – mesh 2 colors Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/Legacy (group gift/free)

I can barely contain myself!  It’s a free group join weekend at 7 Deadly Skins and Scandalize.  That’s a 275 Linden savings at 7 Deadly Skins (7DS), and an even 100L saved at Scandalize.

AS - Nov2 face

Today’s look includes a group luckyboard gift from 7DS, and a complete outfit-in-a-box group gift from Scandalize.  If you need more incentive to join consider this:  Both stores have many more gifts available for their members.

Furthermore, both stores give new gifts every month.  And, they each have lucky boards requiring group membership to play.  Did I mention that the gifts are high quality?

Need more encouragement to join?  Here are a few Scandalize outfits I’ve blogged that are still available on their group gift wall:

ASU - yellow4

| OUTFIT |Scandalize.Renee Spring Outfit – w/button & panty HUDs Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (group gift/free)
| SHOES |Scandalize.Graci Heels – solid & embroidered HUDs (each with 11 color choices) Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (group gift/free)

ASU - yellowundiefront

| LINGERIE |Scandalize.FROU – Aqua Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (group gift/free)
| SHOES |Scandalize.Graci Heels – solid & embroidered HUDs (each with 11 color choices) Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (group gift/free)

ASU - Worth the Trouble cover

| BODYSUIT |Scandalize.Milena – 64 color HUD fatpack for mesh bodies (group gift/free)

Until next time, shop happy!


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New Outfit, Coiffed Hair, Fresh Skin, New You!

AS - Nov11-1

Happy November!  To kick off this month’s posts I thought I’d change things up a bit.  All of the items featured in today’s pictures are freebies from the stores listed below.  The stores above the horizontal line have fee-free groups that offer loads of free gifts to members.  Plus, each of the three stores has a great set of lucky boards requiring group membership.  Basically, these designers are so freebieliscous they deserve a special mention.


The stores below the horiztional line do not have free groups to join.  However, these talented creators often give out completely free and absolutely fantastic gifts, which makes them stores worth watching.

AS - powder

Let’s start with LSR Moda.  Whenever I pop over to LSR, I’m almost always looking for something short and sexy.  Of course, short and sexy is by no means the extent of LSR’s inventory.  Their stock includes all sorts of garments, makeup, hair, and shoes too. All of the clothing featured today came from either LSR Moda’s group area or the lucky boards.

LSR’s group is free to join, and currently features 6 gifts plus 10 lucky boards.

Join the LSR group.

AS - Cashew22

I discovered Mosquito’s Way years ago at a White Nights shopping event.  The store had an event booth, and gave away a wonderfully detailed gift pair of heels.  I loved the heels so much, I immediately teleported to their mainstore.  As a result, I’ve been a customer ever since.

The Mosquito’s Way group is free to join, and currently features 10 group gifts plus 3 lucky chairs.  Inside the store you’ll aslo find gifts for several shopping groups.  The featured necklace is currently a gift for SLF&O members.  Furthermore, all of the shoes are current group gifts and lucky board prizes  at the the main store.  Hanging around Mosquito’s Way for your letter is well worth the time spent.  The lucky board gifts are full fatpacks!

Join Mosquito’s Way group.

AS - Cotton Candy

Too much hair is never enough!  Which, is why I strongly recommend a lengthy visit to NYNE.

NYNE has two store groups.  Joining the regular store group is free, and at present, grants access to 19 group gifts and 8 lucky boards.  That’s definitely enough hairstyles to get you through the upcoming holiday season.  Each one of the featured hairstyles is currently a free gift in-world.

AS - Maple

Zibska is one of my favorite makeup creators.  Though Zibska’s group is not free to join, this creative designer gives out lots of truly wonderful free gifts throughout the year.  There is usually one free gift in the mainstore, and another in Zibska’s marketplace store.

Today our model is wearing a different shade of the Cal Eyemakeup gift for L’Homme readers in each photo.  Even though Cal was designed for male avatars, it also works as an understated shadow on female faces.  Simply teleport to Zibska, join L’Homme’s free group, and click the kiosk to receive your gift.

If you’d like a few more pronounced eyeshadows, be sure to check out Zibska’s Marketplace store.  Currently, there are two free eyeshadows just waiting to insinuate themselves into your inventory.

AS - Fudge

Sometimes the only thing needed to spruce up your avatar is a new skin tone.   My all time favorite Second Life skinners are the talented folks at 7 Deadly Skins.  As a general rule, the store group is NOT free to join.  However, 7 Deadly Skins features free group join weekends several times a year.  And, as luck would have it the last free join weekend for 2019 is scheduled for November 23 – 25th.  Mark your calendars dear readers because you need to be a member to enjoy the store’s awesome advent calendar opening on December 1st.

If you’re not sure whether or not this is a group you’d like to join, why not try one of the free gifts currently available for members of the Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News (MGS&N) group.  Simply join the free shopping group, and teleport over to 7 Deadly Skins.

Inside the store you’ll find a few shelves with gifts for various shopping groups.  Wear MGS&N’s tag and click the box to receive the Shelby skin featured in all of today’s pictures.  The gift box includes 10 skin tones, and a browless option.  This is a fabulous gift for Omega compatible avatars.

Happy shopping everyone!



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Unicorns & Goth, Who Knew?

AS - Oct CB1

HAIR |Second Life Marketplace.Alli&Ali.Valentina Hair – Black/pink (free) 
| SKIN |Second Life Marketplace.Mert & BusenuR.Juliet Skin – one tone + no brow option Maitreya/Slink/Catwa/Loud Mouth/Omega/system layers (free)
| EYES |Second Life Marketplace.LadyBunny's Fantasy.Hallows Web – mesh/system/Omega/Lelutka (free)   
| MAKEUP |Livia.Just Reds – 6 color HUD appliers + system layers (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Ajuda Brasil Voluntarios.RxK.Nina Chooker - mesh choker w/8 color HUD & resize (free)
| JEWELRY |Second Life Marketplace.Kukuvaya.Rose Eternelle Earrings – 10 colors + resize (free) 
| JEWELRY |Second Life Marketplace.Kukuvaya.Rose Eternelle Necklace – 10 colors + resize (free) 
| OUTFIT |The Gothic Unicorn.Halloween Outfit – dress/shoes Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (GG/free) 

The Gothic Unicorn, that’s who.  Simply visit the store and join their free group to make today’s outfit your very own.

ASU - Oct CBF2
This lovely skin from Mert & BusenuR is a phenomenal gift.  It includes system layers for classic avatars, and a bunch of specialized appliers, plus the all purpose Omega applier.  Not only that, the package includes no brow and cleavage options.

I love these subtly macabre spider web eyes from LadyBunny. The included appliers work great.  However, it’s also wonderful to know the box contains both mesh and system eyes. Thanks LadyBunny for making a product all avatars can enjoy!

And that’s a wrap.  Until next time, shop happy.


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Let’s Go Batty, Let’s Get Chaotic!


HAIR |Olive Hair.Berry Hair flipped – 2 styles fatpack (midnight mania/free) 
| JEWELRY |Second Life Marketplace.JAIRIS.WebSpider earrings – copy/mod (free)  
| JEWELRY |Trick Or Treat Lane.PKC.Batsy Septum – 3 colors (free)  
| SKIN |7 Deadly Skins.Feny – 3 tones w/brow option appliers (mini-mania/free) 
| EYES |Trick Or Treat Lane.A.D.D.Andel!.Bat Eyes – mesh/system/Omega applier (free)
| DRESS |{Chaotic}.Kane Dress – Bats Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/eBody/Tonic (free)
| TIGHTS |Trick Or Treat Lane.AlaskaMetro.Batty Tights – system layers & Omega applier (free) 
| SHOES |{Chaotic}.Bat Pumps – Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (free)

No matter how hard I try, today’s title simply doesn’t sub well into the Prince tune playing in my head.   Instead of wasting time trying to rewrite a classic, let’s just go to {Chaotic}.  The store always has a wonderful gift section, but with Halloween approaching, the freebies have multiplied.  Follow the pumpkins to the Halloween room to make the dress and pumps above your own.


Pop over to the Trick Or Treat Lane event for the bat septum, bat eyes, and batty tights.  The event runs through November 1st, and is packed with over 50 designers.  There’s a fantastic free gift in every booth.

batshair (1)

Today’s boldly big hair is one of Olive’s rotating Midnight Mania fatpack gifts.  So, if you miss it this time, don’t worry, it will cycle back next week.  While at Olive, check out the fast moving lucky boards.  They are loaded with lots of lovely hairstyles.  Best of all, they’re free for everyone to play.

The last stop on our list is 7 Deadly Skins for the Feny skin.  Feny is featured on the free-to-play Mini Mania board.  This lovely skin comes in three shades with brow/no brow options.  7 Deadly Skins also sets gifts out for members of various Second Life shopping groups.

Until next time, shop happy.

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Back to School – Part Deux

B2School jeans1

HAIR |Second Life Marketplace.Alli&Ali.Tsarina Hair – cool dark brown w resize & style menu style (promotional gift/free) 
| HOODIE |Second Life Marketplace.COCO DESIGNS.Ultra cropped hoodie – grey for Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (free) 
| TOP |DM.Alana Set – top Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (free) 
| PANTS |DREAMS.Wenda Jeans – 35 color HUD Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/Classic (GG/free) 
| JEWELRY |Second Life Marketplace.RealEvil Industries.Lux Celeste Set – earrings w/appearance menu (free) 
| SHOES |Ajuda Brasil Voluntarios.Pacagaia Creations.Studded Wedges - 20 color HUD & resize (free)

No back-to-school list is complete without lots and lots of jeans. Thanks to the fantastic folks at DREAMS, you can get 35 pairs in one awesome free gift.

Simply join the DREAMS group (it’s free), and click the Wenda Jeans picture on the group gift wall. Best of all, jeans aren’t the only thing on the gift wall. The wall is loaded with lots of gifts including another style of jeans, and several sweatsuit outfits.


Today’s hairstyle is a nice gift from Alli&Ali’s marketplace store. This is basically a wearable demo that allows for resizing and five style changes. Adventurous dressers can even enter edit mode on the hair and add a tint of their choosing.

ASU - Study Hall REady012

HAIR |Sintiklia.Cora – fatpack HUD + tint HUD w/bangs option (free)
| JEWELRY |Second Life Marketplace.OutRAGEous Fashion.Long Pearl Necklace – Pastels (free) 
| TOP |Rebel Hope.Havana Outfit – Top/skirt Maitreya/Belleza/Slink (GG/free)
| PANTS |The Free Dove.dmr. Dr Malux jeans – 10 color HUD Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/Tonic (GG/free)
| SHOES |The Free Dove.{SA}.Lita Lolita – ochre Belleza/Ebody/Maitreya/Slink/TMP/Tonic (GG/free)

If belted jeans are more your style, these lovelies from DMR will definitely ring your bell. They come in ten classic shades sized to fit Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Tonic bodies.

The jeans and shoes above are both gifts from The Free Dove. If it’s been awhile since you last visited, plan to spend a bit of time browsing the freshly stocked shelves.

Until next time, shop happy!

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Back to School – The Dream Revisited

ASU - Study Hall REady013

HAIR |Little Bones.Oleander – w/essential, style, & tint HUDs (luckyboard gift/free) 
| JEWELRY |Second Life Marketplace.OutRAGEous.long pearl necklace – 5 pastels (free) 
| TOP |Ajuda Brasil Voluntarios.Petite Mort.Embroidered Blouse – 1 color / Standard sizes + alpha (free) 
| PANTS |Cynful Clothing & Co..Casual Shorts – 30 color HUD Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/Legacy (GG/free) 
| BACKPACK |Ajuda Brasil Voluntarios.Backpack – 1 color / mesh copy/mod (free) 
| SOCKS |Second Life Marketplace.Punksters Destiny.Sweats Outfit – mesh socks (free) 
| SHOES |Ajuda Brasil Voluntarios.Brii Underground.Amate Outfit - sneakers Pink mesh unrigged (free)

Last September I had a dream.  Granted it was a very small dream, but it was filled with free jeans, tees, hoodies, sneakers, and the kind of flowing long hairstyles school girls love.   Of course, after days of frustrating freebie hunting my dream was unceremoniously dashed.  I simply couldn’t find the kind of freebies I like to fill that virtual back-to-school shopping list glimmering in my mind’s eye.

My friends, that story will not be repeated this year!  Casual clothing lovers and virtual students, this series of posts are for you.

ASU - Study Hall REady013b

Our first outfit is sensibly fashionable, comfortable, and perfectly suited for those mad dashes across campus. The backpack is copy/mod which allows for easy resizing, and personalized color changes.

ASU - Study Hall REady5

HAIR |Olive Hair.Peach – fatpack HUD (midnight mania gift/free)
| TOP |Dreams.Yanela Pullover – 16 color HUD + alpha (GG/free)
| PANTS |Cynful Clothing & Co..Casual Shorts – 30 color HUD Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/Legacy (GG/free)
| SHOES |Itsy Bitsy Boutique.Keds Sneakers – mesh copy/mod (GG/free)

Cynful’s casual shorts gift comes with an awesome 30 color HUD.  The store group is free to join which makes grabbing these babies a snap.  Pair the shorts with Dreams’ Yanela pullover, and you’ve got a minimum of 16 different looks.

Keds fans will adore these wonderful little sneakers.  They’re copy/mod for easy resize/recoloring.  Plus, the faces are numerous, making recoloring a joyous task. 

Tune in tomorrow for Back to School – Part Deux!

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Must Have Clothes for Summer

ASU - June 2019 BDR1

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| OUTFIT |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Outfit – top/pants/heels Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

Great news peeps, Beautiful Dirty Rich (B.D.R.) has loaded their group gift area with fantastic summer outfits.  Tops, bottoms, swimwear, sandals, you name it the gift area has it!  Each gift includes a HUD loaded with textures, making a visit B.D.R all that’s needed to give your wardrobe an awesome summer makeover.
So, let’s look at the gifts! First up is the Bora Bora outfit pictured above.  This is a complete outfit-in-a- box.  The top, pants, and sandals are sized to fit Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza bodies.  The HUD features 20 textures, 10 prints and 10 solids, for the pants and top.  Plus the pant panels come with an additional 30 textures consisting of 10 prints and 20 crocheted lace colors. The included sandals come with 2 heel options, and 10 colors.
ASU - June 2019 BDR2

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| TOP |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Breathin' Sweater – w/ color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| PANTS |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Outfit – top/pants/heels w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

Here’s a look at the pants with a print texture inset.  I paired the pants with a gift sweater those cooler summer evenings.
ASU - June 2019 BDR1shoe
The Bora Bora outfit sandals allow the wearer to choose between a wooden stacked or solid colored heel.
ASU - June 2019 BDR3

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| DRESS |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Dress – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Outfit – top/pants/HEELS w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

I love convertible clothing, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I noticed this lovely dress doubles as separates.
ASU - June 2019 BDR5

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| OUTFIT |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Dress – top/thong w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Wedges – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

B.D.R.’s designers cleverly put alpha masks in the top and bottom layers which effectively turns the dress into a top or skirt also.  Included in the box is a bikini/thong.  Pair it with the dress/top and you’ve got a fashionable swimsuit.
ASU - June 2019 BDR9

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| TOP |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Summer is Coming Cop Top – top w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| THONG |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Dress – thong w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Wedges – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

For a more casual look, wear the thong with this cute cami-top.
ASU - June 2019 BDR8

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| TOP |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Spring Break Crop Top – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SKIRT |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Dress – skirt w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Wedges – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

Pair the skirt portion with any of the other top gifts for a completely new look.
ASU - June 2019 BDR4shoe
Here’s a closer look at B.D.R.’s second fabulous shoe gift:  The Bora Bora Wedges.  What can I say?  These lovelies and their extensive HUD are a must have item.  Trust me on this, you’re gonna love them.
ASU - June 2019 BDR4

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| OUTFIT |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Havana Outfit – top/skirt w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Wedges – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

Wondering what to wear to that Luau your neighbors invited you to?  Why not slip into the Havana outfit.  This lovely loose knit two piece ensemble is perfect beach attire.  Not only does Havana’s HUD have a great range of colors, but it also offers materials and alpha blending options.
ASU - June 2019 BDR7

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| DRESS |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Unforgettable Dress – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Wedges – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

Of course any summer getaway packing list needs to include that perfect little dress.  B.D.R.’s Unforgettable t-shirt dress fills the bill nicely.  It’s HUD features prints, solids, lace and metal changing options, and a color picker.
ASU - June 2019 BDR6

HAIR |Olive Hair.Lizzie Hair – brunettes color HUD + bangs & streaks (luckyboard/free)
| MAKEUP |Adored.Satine Lips Cutie Club Edition – 6 color applier HUD Genus/Catwa/Lelutka (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Majestix.Lux Chain – gold & silver (GG/free)
| DRESS |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Summer Breeze Dress – w/color HUD + sleeve option Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Beautiful Dirty Rich.Bora Bora Wedges – w/color HUD Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

Finishing off today’s summer makeover is a full length denim dress.  Summer Breeze comes in fifteen wonderful denim/denim print textures with materials and glossiness options, and has optional off the shoulder sleeves.
Accessorize these looks with luckyboard hair from Olive, gift lipstick from Adored, a group gift necklace from MajestiX, and you’ve got everything needed to slip into that summer state of mind.
Shop happy everyone!

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Tres Chic, Let's Go

ASU - treschic41

HAIR |Tres Chic.DeLa.Irene Hair – multi color HUD (GG/free)
| JEWELRY |Tres Chic.SuperNatural.Sharona V2 – white/black w/gold/sliver metals & HUD controlled gems (GG/free)
| DRESS |Tres Chic.Queenz.Entice Dress – Print Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/eBody-C/BBL/Katena (GG/free)
| SHOES |Tres Chic.G&D Shoes.Magda – salmon Slink/Maitreya/Belleza (GG/free)

It’s time to stop whatever you’re doing in Second Life and get in on the last days of Tres Chic’s 4th Anniversary round.  Every booth has a free birthday gift just waiting for collection.  Shoes, hair, jewelry, poses, makeup, and clothing gifts abound.
Today’s look was made entirely from gifts our model picked up at Tres Chic.  Queenz, DeLa, G&D Shoes, and Supernatural are just a few of the generous vendors participating in this round.
ASU - treschic41shoe
Here’s a closeup of G&D Shoes’ wonderful gift.   Simply join the event’s free group, then run amok clicking the gift boxes.
Until next time, shop happy!
P.S.  I almost forgot to mention that the Camille Set featured in Touch Me is still available on the Tres Chic gift table located at the event entrance.

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Seaside Chic

ASU - SpringBloomsCover3

HAIR |Alli & Ali.Nikita Hair – Unicorn Colors HUD V.2 (hunt gift/free)
| JEWELRY |Dark Mouse.Happy Bow necklace – touch menu w/4 color choices (free)
| OUTFIT |EWA Boutique.Gift TH – top/skirt Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (GG/free)
| SHOES |Breathe.Choko Heels – w/fatpack color HUD Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (GG/free)

Surf & Sand lovers will adore this classic wrap skirt and front tied blouse ensemble from EWA Boutique.  It’s one of many group gifts currently available in the store.  EWA’s group is free to join, so you’re bound to leave the premises smiling.
ASU - SpringBloomsface2
After a day dominated by tanning lotion and coastal breezes you’ll need to pop into Alli & Ali for a quick comb out.  Luckily for us, Alli & Ali’s free Easter Hunt gifts are still dotted around the store.  There are 10 relatively easy to find Easter baskets filled with fun hairstyles.  The Unicorn HUD V.2 is filled with so many awesome shades it was hard to pick one to model.
ASU - SpringBloomsNecklace
Sometimes finding free accessories can be a challenge.  Today I decided to visit a store I haven’t been to in years:  Dark Mouse.  I found this sweet bow necklace gift on the main counter.  It comes in 4 colors, and is free for all store shoppers – no group join required!   Ramping up Dark Mouse’s freebielicious appeal are four luckyboards.   For those of you with Lindens burning a hole in your virtual pockets, there are scads of cute extremely low priced (25L) items to be had.
ASU - SpringBloomsShoe
I added Breathe’s stylish, but not overly dressy, Choko heels to polish off the look.  The colors featured in the gift HUD are perfect for spring and summer attire.  As an added benefit, the HUD separates the heels into three color zones allowing for tons of combinations.  Simply join Breathe’s free group to make these lovely sandals your very own.
Until we meet again, happy shopping!

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