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uber Me Happy!

ASU - Uber2019cover5

OUTFIT |uber...*EVERYTHING* (free) *excluding mesh body & eyes* 

Uber rounds always rock, but uber birthday rounds – well those are just super cool.  Let’s talk gifts:  they are free, no group join is required, run the gamut of categories,  and are so plentiful you’ll need to enchant your shopping bag with a Capacious Extremis charm.

Uber’s 5th birthday round ends August 22nd, so you’ll need to get a wiggle on to partake in all this lovely uberlisciousness.

ASU - Uber2019back

Though I always focus on apparel, there are loads of great decor and animation gifts to be had.  I even managed to use a gift dance and pose in the photo shoot.

Long nail lovers are going to flip for La Baguette’s Super Long mesh nail gift.  These Bento rigged beauties come with an extensive color change HUD, and are perfect for anyone wearing a gift mesh body lacking nail change options.

ASU - Uber2019face

Here’s a closer look at Tone 2’s eyeshadow gift.  It comes with appliers and a system layer for classic avatars.

Normally I’d wax on about how much I love all of the items modeled today.  However, since the clock ticking down, I’m simply going to name off the designers that made today’s look possible:  Tone 2, MINA, NamiiChu, Mossu, Bombshell, BONDI, RAMA, Dappa, Yummy, [YA], Mangula, La Baguette, Paragon, FOXCITY.

Tick, tick, tick… Happy shopping everyone!


Gabriel’s 1 Linden Sale

ASU - Almost Freecover

| COAT |Gabriel .Double long coat – black set w/shirt & scarf HUD (sale/1L)
PANTS |Gabriel .Plaid pants – single color w/alphas (sale/1L)
SHOES |Gabriel .Shearling short boot – nonrigged (GG/free)
VEHICLE |Billionaire Motors .Blade Bike – baked white his&hers (free)

It’s difficult for a guy with no Lindens to dress stylishly in SL.  The recent Shop & Hop Winter Event is a perfect example of just how hard it is to find free gifts for male avatars.  After much cajoling from our female staff, one of our male models finally relented and went to Shop & Hop yesterday.   He walked through 3 sims before he found a male gift.

Needless to say, male hotness in SL costs. But, thanks to Gabriel’s awesome 1 Linden sale it wont take much to get your man L’Homme worthy!

ASU - Almost Freeback

Cabal spent a whopping 2 Lindens for today’s outfit.  The boots can be found on Gabriel’s group gift wall.  Joining the group is free which is always a bonus.

ASU - Almost Freecomp

Here’s a closeup of the coat set Cabal bought.  The coat is a static color, but the shirt and scarf have their own texture change HUDs, and there is an added sweater option for layering.  Cabal put together a few combinations to show off some of the the wonderful looks that can be made with this set.

ASU - Almost Freecar

Of course we can’t have a post without an actual free item.  Thanks to Billionaire Motors we have something you’ll love to zip around SL on:  The Blade Baked White his & hers motorcycle set.  Not a bike fan?  No worries, there are also 2 other completely free gifts next to the Blade set.  So, teleport over and make yourself happy.


ASU - Joy of ShoppingCover

JEWELRY |Black Friday Bazaar .[bh].gold hoops – one color (GG/free)
BOOTS |Nala Designs .ankle booties – 10 colors for Slink (SL F&O GG/free)
DRESS |White Nights .nyxx.jean dress – w/detachable hat for mesh bodies (GG/free)
TATTOO1 |White Nights .SHANA.Buffalo – SL layer & appliers (GG/free)
TATTOO2 |White Nights .Psychotyk.pizzo – appliers only (GG/free)
SIGN |Black Friday Bazaar .Midnyte Creations.JOY pose – copy/mod w/pose (GG/free)

ASU - Joy of Shoppingback

Didn’t get enough of Black Friday?  Worry not, Cyber Monday is bound to keep you just as busy.  In all of this super sale frenzy it’s easy to forget about events that have been ongoing, and are nearing a close.

Both White Nights and the Black Friday Bazaar will be ending in a few days.  So, if you have a hankering for freebies be sure to squeeze them into your teleport schedule today, you won’t be disappointed.

ASU - Joy of Shopping SHOE

These spiked boots are a gift at Nala Design for members of SL F&O’s shopping group.  They come with a 10 color HUD, and are sized to fit Slink feet.  Nala Design supports many shopping groups, but you might not realize that on your first visit.  Instead of clumping all the gifts in one obvious area, Nala spreads them around throughout the store’s different rooms.  You’ll find this gift in the shoe room in the store’s upper right corner.  Enjoy!

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

ASU - OneMoreTimeCOVER

It can’t be helped, today’s feature is yet another outfit cobbled together from the On9 loot.  That’s three back-to-back posts with full outfits created out of gifts from a single event.  On9 ROCKS!

ASU - OneMoreTimeDressCU

The Jacqueline Poison dress is AnaMarkova Designs’ gift at On9.  Heads up classic ladies, not only is this dress boxed with sizes for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza, it also comes with 5 standard sizes and an alpha layer.

ASU - OneMoreTimeBACK

Your inner femme fatale needs this dress!

ASU - OneMoreTimeFACE

Pair the Jacqueline dress with this tangy two-tone bob from [BMS].  After wearing the hair simply click it once to access the resize menu if needed.

Nanika’s On9 gift is this stylish chest tattoo.  The packaging contains appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Omega systems along with a tattoo layer for classic avatars.


This delicate pearl choker includes a resize menu and can be found at the Austris booth.

Catwa and Lelutka head wearers can treat themselves to a marketplace freebie set of 8 sugared lipsticks from [Pout!].

ASU - OneMoreTimeWRIST

Add a little retro fun to any outfit with the Bree charm watch from TO.KISKI.

ASU - OneMoreTimeNAILS2

Just in case you missed these in the Back to School post, here is another look at SLACKGIRL’s On9 gift.

ASU - OneMoreTimeSHOEF

Candy Kitten’s Lolly Dolly heels complete today’s look quite nicely.


Iona’s Style Card:

HAIR – BMS BMGH 15 – resizable @ On9 (0L)

MAKEUP – [POUT!] Sugar Lips – Catwa/Lelutka appliers @ SL Marketplace (0L)

MANICURE – SLACKGIRL Azzurra nails – Bento @ On9 (0L)

TATTOO – Naniki My Message… – appliers & tattoo layers @ On9 (0L)

DRESS – AnaMarkova Jacqueline Poison – mesh and classic @ On9 (0L)

JEWELRY1 – Austris Pearl chocker – 5 metal HUD & resizing @ On9 (0L)

JEWELRY2 – TO.KISKI Bree watch – nude & resizing @ On9 (0L)

SHOES – Candy Kitten Lolly Dolly – black sized for Slink/Maitreya/Belleza @ On9 (0L)



Echoes – “A full sim sound driven adventure by Livio Korobase.” – destination guide

Look, No Hands!

ASU - Look No Hands Cover
Happy Saturday!  Hope you’ve got a hot evening in Second Life planned because we’ve found a fun little outfit that simply begs for a night out on the town.

In our ongoing quest to find fantastic free footwear we wandered into Gos BoutiqueGos is filled with gorgeous footwear, their group is currently free to join, and the group gifts are simply WOW!
ASU -Look No Hands Dress
Valentina opened the Bardot Sandal gift and squealed in delight when she discovered this lovely ruffled mini included in the box.  All plans for a quiet night-in vanished.

Gos’ creators not only do a wonderful job with their textures, but they are also conscientious of their customer’s individual graphics preferences.  Each of the gifts we opened included regular and advanced lighting models.  The sandals are for Slink, and Maitreya mesh feet.  The dress is sized for Maitreya, Slink, and Physique mesh bodies.
ASU - Look No Hands Shoe
The level of detail on the advanced lighting model is marvelous.  Thanks Gos Boutique for the stunning gifts!

Valentina’s Style Card:

SHOES Gos Boutique Bardot Sandals & Dress Tawny Port mesh (0L)

& PHYSICS – Altamura  – Valentina @ Ajuda Brasil Voluntarios (0L)

**Past Gift**

HAIR – Analog Dog  – past freeball gift  (0L)


Skin Envy

ASU - Skin Envy front
Oh, have we got exciting news for you… 7 Deadly s{K}ins has set their group join fee to 0L!  That’s right my skin loving readers it’s time to abandon your lone wolf ways and become a joiner.

Today our model Carla is wearing the Haily skin in walnut.  She picked up the skin from one of 7 Deadly s{K}ins mini-mania boards.  If you are skin addicted this group is a must join.

Members have access not only to the daily mania boards and monthly group gifts, but also to many special group only freebie events.  Just last August they hosted a harvest advent calendar with 31 gifts.   The Apple Harvest Event was fabulous and the gifts were simply awesome!

ASU - Skin Envy back
Carla’s dress is a nice little group gift from Alien Gizmo.  The mesh dress comes in three colors with standard sizes and several mesh body variations.

ASU - Skin Envy face
The necklace and eyes are marketplace freebies.

You can pick up the hair along with a Carla’s shape at Curves Shapes and Skins.

ASU - Skin Envy shoes
The Ribbon of Hope heels are currently available at The Free Dove.  A non-rigged modifiable version of the heels is included in the box.  Carla added a hit of blue to tweak the color to her satisfaction.

Carla’s Style Card:

HAIR – Curves Shapes & Skins Pukki Purple Dream – rigged (group gift 0L/0L to join)

SHAPE – Curves Shapes & Skins Ava Shape – (group gift 0L/0L to join)

SKIN – 7 Deadly s{K}ins Haily – walnut (group mini-mania 0L/0L to join)
** Group join fee is free for the weekend **

DRESS – Alien Gizmo May 2016 Gift – standard & mesh body (group gift 0L/0L to join)

EYES – ~Soedara~  – Doll Eyes brown @ SL Marketplace (0L)

NECKLACE – Robbie Roo’s Whatchamagoos – Flower Power in Mega Pack @ SL Marketplace (0L)

SHOES – Emerald Couture Ribbon of Hope purple @ The Free Dove (group gift 0L/0L to join)

Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away (closeup)
Before you jump on the nearest yacht and cruise the Blake Sea we recommend a quick detour to Alien Gizmo.  Yes, it’s free 250L gift card time again.

Come Sail Away (front)
Alien Gizmo frequently sets out free gifts cards for anyone visiting their sim.  If you’re building you’re inventory, or simply like to wear something new everyday, we highly recommend popping by the stores on a regular basis.

Cabal’s sunglasses are great freebie from HEC – Hot Elegant Clothing.  They come with a highly detailed HUD that allows for tons of customization.

Come Sail Away (back)

Cabal’s Gift Card Purchase:

Cabal is wearing the Jericho Outfit Denim which costs 199L normally, but of course was free today.

**As always the Alien Gizmo gift card can be used in their Men’s, Women’s, and Erotica stores.  With three stores to choose from you are bound to find that perfect item you never knew you needed but can’t simply live without!

Taxi to Alien Gizmo:

Alien Gizmo

Cabal’s is also wearing:

SUNGLASSES – HEC  Tintable Shades – Color HUD (group gift 0L/0L to join)

SHOES – Vlad Blackburn  Tuff Boots– Black copy/mod @ SL Marketplace (0L)

New All Spiffed Up Gift

ASU Gold Sneaker Gift
Team All Spiffed Up has put out a new freebie for our readers. We introduced the ASU Sneaker Gold in our Pump It Up! post.  Though we textured the sneaker for Everley, we thought it would be fun to highlight the sneaker’s unisex appeal.

We caught up with Mr Mikey UK at a rehearsal and were pleased beyond belief to find him wearing our sneakers. Unfortunately the only freebie Mr Mikey UK has on is our sneakers.  For this post that will do quite nicely.  Gotta love a man with a flair for fashion!

So grab your friends and pop on over to 7th Heaven for a bit of rest and relaxation, and of course a few gifts on us.

Taxi to the All Spiffed Up Headquarters:

All Spiffed Up

Two for the Road

Two for the Road (cover)
Happy Day! The Alien Gizmo absolutely free, no group join required, 250L gift card is still available.  I managed to convince Wolf & Gabby this was a freebie they shouldn’t pass up.  They popped over to Alien Gizmo, and today’s post is what they found for themselves.

Two for the Road (front)
Wolf freely admits he is a notoriously lazy dresser so it didn’t surprise us in the least that he chose a boxed outfit.  Dexter Outfit Red comes boxed with the t-shirt, jeans, and waist sweater.  It happens to be a featured sale item so he managed to grab another separate t-shirt too.

The Alien Gizmo outfits we’ve blogged have all included the standard mesh sizes along with meshes designed for the various name brand mesh bodies commonly used.

Two for the Road (back)
Gabby selected the Valencia Blue Outfit.  As with Wolf’s outfit, the t-shirt and jeans are separates so they can easily be mixed and matched with other items you already have in the closet.

Female avatars can walk away from Alien Gizmo with at least 6 separate items if they join the group.  In addition to the free gift card and group gifts, Alien Gizmo also has several Lucky Chairs.

Two for the Road (f)shoe
These stylish sandals are a Loordes of London gift at The Free Dove.

Two for the Road (m)shoe

Wolf’s ultra cool sneakers are a wonderful marketplace find!  They are 100% mesh and non-rigged for easy positioning.

Wolfgang’s Gift Card Purchase:

Wolf’s wearing The Dexter Outfit Red.  It is a sale item priced at 99L, which left more than enough on the gift card to purchase another t-shirt not pictured.

Gabby’s Gift Card Purchase:

Gabby chose the Valencia Blue Outfit which normally costs 189L without the gift card.

Taxi to Alien Gizmo:

Alien Gizmo

Wolf & Gabby’s Style Cards:

SHOES – Infirez  Superman Comic Shoes @ SL Marketplace (0L)

NECKLACE – Do Lubitsch Jewels Pearl Pendant on Chain @ SL Marketplace (0L)

SHOES – Loordes of London Medallion Signature Sandal @ The Free Dove (0L)



7th Heaven home to the All Spiffed Up Headquarters and [MMc] Mr M’s Creations.  Feel free to drop by our store and relax for a spell.  If you’re feeling adventurous use our bicycle rezzer to tour around Zurich City.



Oopsie! cover
…a funny thing happened in Second Life.  I was looking for inspiration for the next blog post when  a popup from Legendaire caught  my eye.  It said new SLF&O gift out and new store group gift added.

I thought aha! If those gifts are half as nice as the Riley Gift blogged in Greedy On I’m good to go.  I popped over to Legendaire and yes the gifts were great, BUT, when I perused the Group Gift wall I noticed the new shoe gift added replaced the Riley Gift we just blogged.  Arggggggggggh the Riley Gift is gone, hence the giant OOPSIE!

Oopsie! back
Though you’ve missed the lovably wacky hipster cat t-shirt, we were able to find another hipster cat article of clothing at Alien Gizmo!  The dress is not free per se, however it will cost nothing if you use the free 250L gift card Alien Gizmo is giving all visitors.

Time is of the essence, Alien Gizmo’s free gift card will only be available through late this afternoon.  So hurry on over and treat yourself to something special.

Oopsie! back detail
The detailing on this dress is quite nice.  If hipster cat is not your thing, there are several other variations of this dress that might catch your eye.

Oopsie! face
Hair, sunglasses, and earrings are all marketplace finds.

Oopsie! shoe
The snakeskin heels are another SLF&O gift featured at  =Moda= Designs & BodyshopSLF&O is short for the group Second Life Frees & Offers.   Many stores I visit set out a lovely gift for SLF&O group members.  Best of all, membership is free!

Why use one of your precious group slots on a freebie group like SLF&O?  The lost group slot is well worth it, here’s the short list:

  • access to group only free gifts
  • up-to-date news about freebie events across the grid
  • up-to-date news about sales across the grid
  • **notifications when designers  temporarily waive their group join fees…(this is my personal favorite and honestly probably the main reason why I’ve stayed in this group for years)

Iona’s Style Card:

HAIR – Alli&Ali Designs Hair – Carlotta Hair Ash @ SL Marketplace (0L)

SUNGLASSES – Wuzan – Sunglasses 100% Mesh @ SL Marketplace (0L)

EARRINGS – Shop Avatars – Lora Feather Earrings Red @ SL Marketplace (0L)

SHOES – =Moda= Designs & Bodyshop Cybele Leather Heels – (SLF&O gift 0L/0L to join)

DRESS – Alien Gizmo Iris Black Cat Dress – (free 250L gift card no group join required)(card available  until late this afternoon & expires 8/11/2017)

SLF&O (Second Life Frees & Offers):