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Tick, tick, tick…

ASU - Shop&Hop3coverFinal

HAIR |Sintiklia .Sheba slicked back – w/color + hat HUD (free)
JACKET |Shop & Hop Event .Blueberry.250L credit – Minnie coat in pixie w/t-shirt HUD (199L/free w/credit)
HAT |Beautiful Dirty Rich .Holidays Little Diva – color + tint HUD (GG/free)
PANTS |SL Marketplace .Delizio.classic jeans – classic jeans w/appliers for mesh (free)
SHOE |The Free Dove .LBB.Kenji boots – resize menu + color HUD (GG/free)

Only 2 days left to Shop & Hop!  This gift rich winter shopping event only runs through January 4th, so it’s time to get your shop on.

Our classic model, Gabby, decided pop over to Blueberry and redeem her event store credit.  She chose the Minnie coat (shade pixie).  Minnie is sized for mesh bodies only, so there is no alpha for classic avatars in the box.  Of course, that does not mean classic avatars can’t wear this.  It simply means you have to be a bit creative by borrowing alphas you already have in your inventory.

Or, you can do what Gabby did, and simply wear one of the included meshes for a curvier body type such as Venus or Hourglass.  Going curvy will usually solve most fit problems.  Plus, you have the added joy of going voluptuous without having to purchase the body.  **WARNING – wearing  curvy mesh clothing on a classic avatar is a virtual Wonder Spanx – the effect ends when the coat comes off (wink, wink).** 

ASU - Shop&Hop3back

Today’s hair is one of several free (no group join required) gifts at Sintiklia.  The way the hair flows seamlessly over the mesh hooded jacked is simply great.  The Sheba hair is designed to be a hat hair, and comes with the option of making the included hat invisible so that you can wear any hat of your choosing.

Gabby decided to wear the hat from B.D.R.’s Little Diva outfit originally modeled here.  Little Diva’s HUD includes a tint picker for creating infinite color choices.  Gabby had no problem tinting the hat to match the shade of her coat.

I wanted to have our model pair this outfit with a nice pair of UGG styled winter boots.  Unfortunately, none of our team was able to track down a current freebie.  Cabal, yesterday’s model, overheard our dilemma and proceeded to bust up laughing.  He just kept looking down at his boots and roaring.  And, that’s when the light bulb exploded.  Ladies, the Kenji boots may be in the men’s section of The Free Dove, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear them too!  Shop happy peeps!

Get Down & Dirty Baby

ASU - Gritty cover4

AVATAR |BQ Design .Tina complete avatar – for classic avatars (GG/free)

I’m blaming this diversion from shiny happy holiday hoopla on BQ Design.  Their Tina Complete Avatar gift is too interesting to pass by.  On the surface, this looks like a classic avatar only gift.  As far as the tattoos, piercings, and clothing are concerned that is true.

However, the box is full of other items, shall I say unseen items, that make a trip to BQ Design worthwhile even if you have a completely modern mesh avatar.  Included in the gift box is an AO, a Hug & Kiss HUD, and a vagina (one color only) & its own operations HUD.  The ground sit and stand animations in the AO are nice enough you’ll probably want to incorporate them into your regular AO.

ASU - Gritty face1

Our model is wearing everything in the Tina avatar box except the included skin and shape.   In addition to the HUDS mentioned earlier, Tina comes with a smoking cigarette, face & ear (not shown) piercings, black hair and cap, a mesh mini skirt in standard sizes, system layer tops/stockings/panties, extra long fingernails, a full body tattoo, brown eyes, corresponding alphas, necklaces, and boots.

ASU - Gritty shoefront

The boots have built in socks.

ASU - Gritty shoeback

And, lots of fun little details like the dangling skull charms.  All-in-all this is a great gift well worth the free group join.   Thanks BQ Design for a walk on the wild side.