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All Spiffed Up’s mission is simple:  Find and share great Second Life FREEBIES. 

For the All Spiffed Up team freebie means completely FREE, items featured must cost 0L and have free group join fees.  We want our readers to be able to create a completely new look for themselves without spending a single Linden after reading our posts.

Why are we obsessed with everything free?  It’s simple, Second Life is free to join, however after a few hours in-world a noob learns the super cool content requires users to buy Lindens.  Land, tipping, playing with breedables all cost.  Add to that the desire to wear a new outfit a day, and you guessed it, Second Life can become pricey fast.

What’s a poor fashionista to do?  Read our blog of course!

Welcome to All Spiffed Up.