Hello Avatar!

All Spiffed Up’s mission is simple:  Find and share great Second Life freebies. 

For the All Spiffed Up team freebie means a cost of 0 Lindens (0L) and NO group join fees.  We want our readers to be able to create a completely new look for themselves without spending a single Linden after reading our posts.

Occasionally we will refer to group gifts from a group that has a join fee.  That will only happen if:

  1.  The group regularly offers periods of free enrollment.
  2.  The gift offered is great, fully featured, normally costs several thousand Lindens,   and the group join fee is under 200 Lindens.

This blog is purely a labor of love maintained by a very small group of passionate freebie obsessed fashionistas.

Welcome to All Spiffed Up.