Rare Fruit

AS - march 2020 alice

| HAIR |Wasabi.Autumn Hair – Autumn shade w/style & bands HUD (SLF&O/free)
| TATTOO |Carol G. (satellite store).Rapine Tattoo – tattoo layers + applier HUDs (group gift/free) 
| SUNGLASSES |Pure Poison.Spring Fever Sunglasses – resize + color HUD (group gift/free) 
| JEWELRY |Livia.Lovely Heart Earrings – with metal color HUD (group gift/free) 
| MANICURE |Mani Pedi.February 2020 gift – Signature Shomei with 7 color HUD (group gift/free) 
| HANDBAG |Micamee.Citrus Handbag – With Color HUD + pose (group gift/free) 
| TOP |Legendaire.Amarylis Set – Color/texture HUDs Maitreya/Belleza/Slink (group gift/free)
| SKIRT |Legendaire.Courtney Outfit – 8 color HUD Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Classic (group gift/free)
| SHOES |Legendaire.Aliz Boots – 10 color HUD Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (group gift/free)
| POSE/PROP |Pose Fair 10th Anniversary runs through March 28th.K&S.Rare Fruit Gift – Black & Turquoise w/resize menu (group gift/free)

Is that a pink pineapple?  Why, yes it is!  I have to admit, I had absolutely no idea this seemingly mythical fruit even existed.  At least, not until I opened K&S’s Rare Fruit Pose Fair gift.  The colorful pineapple props peaked my interest immediately sending me on a fact finding mission.  Pink pineapples do exist.  And, though there may not be one in your local market, thanks to K&S you can now have your very own to pose with in Second Life.

Of course, K&S isn’t the only vendor giving gifts at the fair.   It happens to be Pose Fair’s 10th Anniversary, so the gifts are plentiful.  Simply join the free event group to collect all of the unique gifts.  You won’t be disappointed!


Today’s outfit features several items from stores that normally have group join fees.  However, for a limited time both Legendaire and Carol G (main store). have set their join fee to zero Lindens (free). Best of all, both stores also leave out past gifts.

The lovely sunset toned braids are Wasabi’s current SLF&O gift.  Finish off the look with a charming citrus handbag from Micamee, and whimsical sunglasses from Pure Poison.

And, that my friends will do it!  Until next time, shop happy.


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