Last Day to Shop and Hop!


Today, February 23rd, is the last day the 2020 Valentine’s Shop & Hop is open.  As with all Shop & Hop’s, each store sets out a completely free event gift.  Some stores even give more than one gift.

The event spans four sims.  Each sim hosts approximately twenty shops.  That’s over 80 gifts waiting to be collected.  Have fun everyone!

AS - Shop & Hop Val face


(all bold print store titles represent the location of a gift worn by today’s model)

Aurelian Sim

YSSY ***Love Eyes Omega Applier gift***
Cae  ***XOXO Jewelry Set***
Foxcity ***Hello Gorgeous backdrop gift***
Petit Chat
Casa de Bebe
Ala Folie
Never Totally Dead
Miss Chelsea

Gilded Sim

ElikaTira ***Oaklee hair fatpack***
Paper Moon
Bella Moda
Wren’s Nest
Sahi Designs
A&D clothing
Silvan Moon

Gleaming Sim

Gabrielle Hamelia
Flying Arts
Pixel Box
Juna Artistic Tattoo
Caverna Obscura
Schaden Freude
Zuri Jewelry
Swear Lapointe Bastchild
Psycho byts
ABC Creations

Tinseled Sim

Vanity Hair
Fashiowl Poses
What Next
Sonia Edge  ***Cannes Dress & fur with great detail HUD***
Trompe Loeil
Koffin Nails ***polish fatpack***
Candy Kitten
Hayabusa Design
Valentina E

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Voodoo in the Vibes

AS - 2ndman4

| HAIR |Shop & Hop Gilded.Alantori.Daniel Hair – 146 color HUD fatpack (free)
| JEWELRY |GABRIEL.G Chain Necklace – Belleza/Signature/resize (group gift/free) 
| JACKET |GABRIEL.Asymmetric Jacket – maroon Signature/Slink/TMP (L'Homme/free)
| HARNESS |GABRIEL.Lace Up Harness & briefs – navy Signature/Belleza/Aesthetic (L'Homme/free)
| SHOES |GABRIEL.Leather Sneakers – camo Signature/Belleza/resize (group gift/free)

Males looking to dial up their wow factor should put a trip to Gabriel on the top of their shopping list.  Gabriel currently has several gifts for L’Homme magazine subscribers, a bunch of store gifts, and past NEO Japan gifts available near the store entrance.  All of the gifts are free.  The range of gifts is diverse enough that creating your own uniquely captivating style won’t take long!

AS - 2ndman1

| HAIR |Shop & Hop Gilded.Alantori.Daniel Hair – 146 color HUD fatpack (free)
| JEWELRY |GABRIEL.G Chain Necklace – Belleza/Signature/resize (group gift/free) 
| JACKET |GABRIEL.Loose Jersey – with "in tank" Signature/Belleza (NEO gift/free)
| SLACKS & SHOES |Shop & Hop Gilded.ZED.Lover's Day Outfit – sized for mesh & classic bodies (free)

To create this look, I paired slacks and loafers from Zed’s Valentine’s Day Shop & Hop gift with a former NEO Japan gift.

AS - 2ndman3.png

| HAIR |Shop & Hop Gilded.Alantori.Daniel Hair – 146 color HUD fatpack (free)
| JEWELRY |GABRIEL.G Chain Necklace – Belleza/Signature/resize (group gift/free) 
| JACKET & TANK|GABRIEL.Loose down jacket – navy with white/black tank Signature/Belleza (L'Homme/free)
| SHOES |GABRIEL.Geta Unisex boots – sized for mesh & classic bodies (NEO gift/free)

These Getta boots are awesome!  If you missed their debut at NEO Japan, now is the time to pick them up.  The resizable model included in the gift makes them the perfect unisex boot.


| HAIR |Shop & Hop Gilded.Alantori.Daniel Hair – 146 color HUD fatpack (free)
| JEWELRY |GABRIEL.G Chain Necklace – Belleza/Signature/resize (group gift/free) 
| TOP |GABRIEL.Loose Shirt – pink Signature/Belleza (L'Homme/free)
| SLACKS |.Shop & Hop Gilded.ZED.Lover's Day Outfit – sized for mesh & classic bodies (free)
| SHOES |GABRIEL.Geta – black/white resizable (NEO gift/free)

Today’s featured hair is another gift from Shop & Hop.  The Daniel hair fatpack is Alantori’s event gift.  Shop & Hop runs through February 23rd, so there is still plenty of time to add this style to your inventory.  Until next time, shop happy!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

AS - Val1SunaF

| HAIR |Suna Design.Maria Hair – pastel pack + Lola friendly mesh model (Group Gift/free) 
| DRESS |Suna Design.Adele Gown – rose Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (giftcard/free)
| SHOES |Blossom.Dorothy Sparkle Pumps –  Maitreya/Slink/Belleza (Group Gift/free)

Is it just me, or is 2020 becoming the most freebieliscious year ever?  There are simply not enough hours in the day to gather, let’s not even mention blog, all of the awesome goodies flooding the grid this year.

Luckily for us, my honey and I agreed to have a quiet low key Valentine’s Day at home.  Which means I have plenty of time to share all the goodies I’ve been collecting this week.

The outfit featured today is from Suna Design.  Suna’s Valentine’s Day gift is an awesome 500 Linden gift card for its group members.  Joining is free, so everyone can enjoy!  Best of all, the gift amount will get you several items or one fatpack. Thanks Suna for the generous gift.

AS - Feb Valb

Here’s a back view.  The texture on this dress is exceptionally nice.  I also like the detailing of the halter ties and shoulder straps.  Gifts in Suna Design are dotted around the store.  Be sure to pop into the gift room that houses lots of gifts for various shopping groups.  That’s where you’ll find today’s pastel hairstyle pack.

If you’re like me, spending a gift card takes about as long as a sneeze.  So, to keep you busy I’ve compiled a short list of a few nice stores with fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts. Have a great day everyone, and shop happy!

The Goody List

  1. Suna Design – 500 Linden gift card
  2. Queenz – Free Hunt: 2 (easy to find) teddy bears packed with lots of gifts
  3. The Free Dove – Special Valentine’s Day gift table
  4. Shop & Hop – 4 packed sims with each store giving a completely free gift!
  5. 7 Deadly Skins – Free Hunt:  Hunt objects are difficult to find, but well worth the effort!
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Guys Lookin’ Sharp

AS Feb2020 1stMan

| OUTFIT |Amazing Creations.Suit 18 – jacket,shirt,tie,slacks,shoes HUD controlled for Belleza/Signature/Slink/Ocacin/Adin/Mado/Edus/Onupup/5 standard sizes/fitmesh (group gift/free)

I have to admit I’m a sucker for a fine looking avatar.  Dressing the females for free is a snap.  Finding free furry and fantasy avatars isn’t all that hard either.  But, dressing a male avatar for free, now that is a challenge.  Which is why my a l l s p i f f’s New Year’s resolution for 2020 is to feature a new male themed post once a week.

Luckily for us, Amazing Creations made this week’s task a snap.  This wonderfully textured suit is the current group gift in the men’s section of the store.  It’s a complete outfit in-a-box, which means the shoes are also included.  Plus, the outfit includes a color picker HUD, and comes sized for both mesh and classic avatars.  Did I mention there is no group join fee at Amazing Creations?

AS Feb2020 detail

Here’s a closeup of the jacket, shirt, and tie.  Notice the detailing on the jacket pockets.  One of the nice things about the included HUD is that it controls each section separately.  Since the suit is boxed with a basic white shirt and tie, using the color wheel HUD allows for unlimited combinations, making this an extremely versatile garment.  Thanks Amazing Creations for a great gift!

Happy shopping guys.

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