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ASU - RED6cover

HAIR |KoKoLoReS .Sanna gift – 7 red fades color HUD (GG/free)
| MAKEUP1 |Zibska .Pili eyeshadows – 12 shade appliers + tattoo layers (free)
| MAKEUP2 |LOGO .Creamy Lipstick gift – 20 shades in matte or glossy w/Omega applier (GG/free)
| JEWELRY|Sense Event .Alter.Vianney Necklace – Cherry Love resize on touch (GG/free)
| DRESS |Sense Event .Alter.Vixen mini – for mesh & classic bodies (GG/free)
| SHOE |Gos Boutique .Lady G Pumps – 1 color + heel & strap style HUD (GG/free)

Happy day, the All Spiffed Up blog is now formatted for mobile devices as well as desktops.  No more slow loading elongated pictures on your cells.  How I missed that major design error for so long is a complete mystery.  At least that is my story, and I’m sticking to it.

ASU - Red6face

Now, on to the important stuff!  KoKoLoReS has set there VIP group join fee to 0L for a short time.  If you are a hair lover on a budget this is the time to join!  KoKoLoReS is generous with their group gifts, and often creates interesting holiday styles only available for group members.  Today’s hair is their January group gift.  It comes with a fun red fade color HUD.

Pop over to Zibska to pickup this glamorous eyeshadow set.  The Pili set come boxed with 12 shades available in appliers for mesh heads, and tattoo layers for classic avatars.  It’s a win, win gift.

You’ll find this lovely set of lipsticks at LOGO.  The set includes installers for LOGO HUDs and Omega appliers.

ASU - Red6back

The dress and necklace are both gifts from Alter for the Sense Event.  Simply join the Sense Event group, and click the gift boxes to get the goodies.

ASU - Red6shoefinal

Complete today’s look by teleporting to Gos Boutique.  These pumps are a gorgeous shade of red, and come with a style HUD that allows a choice between two heel shapes, and a strap or no-strap option.   As always, the group is free to join.  Happy shopping everyone!

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