Gabriel's 1 Linden Sale

ASU - Almost Freecover
| COAT |Gabriel .Double long coat – black set w/shirt & scarf HUD (sale/1L)
PANTS |Gabriel .Plaid pants – single color w/alphas (sale/1L)
SHOES |Gabriel .Shearling short boot – nonrigged (GG/free)
VEHICLE |Billionaire Motors .Blade Bike – baked white his&hers (free)
It’s difficult for a guy with no Lindens to dress stylishly in SL.  The recent Shop & Hop Winter Event is a perfect example of just how hard it is to find free gifts for male avatars.  After much cajoling from our female staff, one of our male models finally relented and went to Shop & Hop yesterday.   He walked through 3 sims before he found a male gift.
Needless to say, male hotness in SL costs. But, thanks to Gabriel’s awesome 1 Linden sale it wont take much to get your man L’Homme worthy!
ASU - Almost Freeback
Cabal spent a whopping 2 Lindens for today’s outfit.  The boots can be found on Gabriel’s group gift wall.  Joining the group is free which is always a bonus.
ASU - Almost Freecomp
Here’s a closeup of the coat set Cabal bought.  The coat is a static color, but the shirt and scarf have their own texture change HUDs, and there is an added sweater option for layering.  Cabal put together a few combinations to show off some of the the wonderful looks that can be made with this set.
ASU - Almost Freecar
Of course we can’t have a post without an actual free item.  Thanks to Billionaire Motors we have something you’ll love to zip around SL on:  The Blade Baked White his & hers motorcycle set.  Not a bike fan?  No worries, there are also 2 other completely free gifts next to the Blade set.  So, teleport over and make yourself happy.

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