Get Down & Dirty Baby

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ASU - Gritty cover4

AVATAR |BQ Design .Tina complete avatar – for classic avatars (GG/free)

I’m blaming this diversion from shiny happy holiday hoopla on BQ Design.  Their Tina Complete Avatar gift is too interesting to pass by.  On the surface, this looks like a classic avatar only gift.  As far as the tattoos, piercings, and clothing are concerned that is true.

However, the box is full of other items, shall I say unseen items, that make a trip to BQ Design worthwhile even if you have a completely modern mesh avatar.  Included in the gift box is an AO, a Hug & Kiss HUD, and a vagina (one color only) & its own operations HUD.  The ground sit and stand animations in the AO are nice enough you’ll probably want to incorporate them into your regular AO.

ASU - Gritty face1

Our model is wearing everything in the Tina avatar box except the included skin and shape.   In addition to the HUDS mentioned earlier, Tina comes with a smoking cigarette, face & ear (not shown) piercings, black hair and cap, a mesh mini skirt in standard sizes, system layer tops/stockings/panties, extra long fingernails, a full body tattoo, brown eyes, corresponding alphas, necklaces, and boots.

ASU - Gritty shoefront

The boots have built in socks.

ASU - Gritty shoeback

And, lots of fun little details like the dangling skull charms.  All-in-all this is a great gift well worth the free group join.   Thanks BQ Design for a walk on the wild side.

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