Deep Water

ASU - Shark cover3

| AVATAR |Second Life Marketplace.Orange Nova Avatars.Slugger Shark – rigged mesh/8 skins & wag HUD (free)

Feel like doing some deep water exploration?  I’ve found a great mesh avatar to help you navigate the high seas, or brawl on the shores.

Meet Slugger Shark, a highly detailed fully rigged avatar with 8 skin options and a tail wag feature.
ASU - Shark front
Slugger Shark can be found in Orange Nova Avatars marketplace store.
ASU - Shark side
What a fantastic hunk of shark flesh.  It’s hard to believe this baby is free.
ASU - Sharkback
Can those deltoids, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi muscles be any more ripped?  Slugger Shark is an awesome avatar with great movement.

Thanks Orange Nova Avatars, we love this guy!

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