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Greedy On cover
Looking for something to wear to your weekly Greedy Greedy game? We found the perfect casual outfit at Legendaire. The Riley Outfit covers all the basics in a single box: shirt, skirt, boots, and a belt that is not pictured.
Everything except the boots comes in 5 standard sizes with matching alphas and also fitted sizes for Slink and Maitreya bodies. The boots were designed for Slink feet.
Greedy On back
Legendaire is extremely generous with their gifts. There are two gifts at the door for anyone who visits. A third gift is for members of SLF&O. Then there are over 10 free gifts for Legendaire group members. Thanks Legendaire, we love the goodies!
Today’s model, Carla, is wearing the free Ava Shape from Curves Shapes and Skins. The Ava Shape is included in both the female mesh head gifts.
Greedy On belly
Carla’s Peek-a-boo midriff looked a bit bare so we went hunting for a piercing in the marketplace. We found this fun rainbow piercing at Stuffery.
Greedy On face
Carla’s skin and hair are group gifts from 7 Deadly S{k}ins and Venus Mesh Hair.
Greedy On right
All of the jewelry and eyes are great marketplace freebies.
Greedy On left
I love this playful pink leather bracelet by Candy Crunchers. Best of all, you can pick it up for free in green, blue, and purple too!
Greedy On shoe
Here’s a closeup of those boots.
ASU - KeepCalm gift
Just in case you were wondering: How did team All Spiffed Up choose this outfit out of all the other freebies at Legendaire to blog? Simple, we love the hipster cat! A few years ago one of our team members found hipster cat and made it into a Greedy poster.
The minute Carla modeled the t-shirt the vote was unanimous we’d do a Greedy Greedy post. We’ve boxed up the poster in three sizes as a gift for our lovely readers. The poster is double sided, with one side set to full bright. So stop by the All Spiffed Up headquarters and pick up your August gift!
Carla’s Style Card:
HAIR – Venus Mesh Hair – Dolce Pink (group gift 0L/0L to join)

SKIN – 7 Deadly S{k}ins Eilis Cashew – 12 skintones (August Group Advent)(100L to join)
SHAPE – Curves Shapes & Skins Ava Shape – (group gift 0L/0L to join)
BOOTS – Legendaire Riley Outfit – (group gift 0L/0L to join)
**group join fee was free for a limited time and ended 8/8/2017**

***The Riley outfit was removed from the Group Gift Wall 8/8/2017***
EYES – Frozen Night – Rainbow Mesh & System eyes @ SL Marketplace (0L)
NECKLACE – Shop Avatars – Flu Butterfly Necklace @ SL Marketplace (0L)
BRACELETS – Jergi Designs – Bracelets 4 in 1 @ SL Marketplace (0L)
BRACELET – Proof. – Button Bracelet @ SL Marketplace (0L)
BRACELET – Candy Crunchers – Kitty Ribbon Bracelet Pink @ SL Marketplace (0L)
RING – Adjunct – Unisex Ring Set @ SL Marketplace (0L)
PIERCING – Stuffery – Rainbow Navel Jewel @ SL Marketplace (0L)
All Spiffed Up August Gift:
HIPSTER CAT POSTERS @ All Spiffed Up Headquarters (0L)
ASU - KeepCalm belt
(The accidentally overlooked belt found in the Riley Outfit Box)

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