Dia de los Muertos

Happy November!

Today, November 2nd is All Souls Day, the third and final day of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival. It is a time when families honor their departed loved ones by visiting their graves and making offerings of food and flowers.

In keeping with tradition I decided to grab Iona and head over to Lapointe & Bastchild’s Gothic Sim.

I discovered Lapointe’s Gothic Sim over five years ago.  With zero lindens in my pocket and a penchant for all things Gothic it is not surprising that I found my way to Gothic Free Designs nestled in the corner of the square.

F.Y.I. Gothic Free Designs is still there filled with tons of FREE older style clothing for both male & female avatars.  If you are a fan of flexi skirts, simply hate mesh bodies and clothing, or have an alt you refuse to spend a single linden on, then the store is definitely worth a visit.

Ultimately what draws me back to Lapointe & Bastchild’s Gothic Stores every year is the decor. The stores circle the perimeter of an inner square that features eight focal points hosting some of the nicest Day of the Dead decorations I’ve seen in Second Life.  The Sugar Skull tree below is spectacular in person.

Though I enjoy taking my photo shoots on location in Second Life, ultimately I prefer working in a studio with customized backdrops and lighting galore.  I freely admit I like not having to force a camera angle to exclude shop fronts, or spend extra time in PhotoShop editing out undesirable elements.

That said, after years of admiring these lovely sugar skulls I finally right clicked them to find the creator.  I got lucky, creator Vitrail Illios has a store in the Marketplace called New TrailsThe New Trails – Calaveras / Skulls Set costs L350 @ SL Marketplace.

Okay, I know what you are thinking: “Hey that’s not free.”  You’re right it’s not.  However, it is well worth the price.  The set includes more than 25 various skulls, the candles, the wall/branch/skulls arrangement from the first two photos, and some color changing plants. All of the items are copy/mod.

…and now without further ado
Iona’s Style Card:

HAIR – Truth Hair Jayla Group Gift – Color Hud (group gift 0L/0L to join)

SHIRT – Livid Sugar Skull Tank – Timeless Treasures Halloween Hunt (0L)
*note: gift no longer available*
**follow Livid on Facebook to track hunts & events they participate in

PANTS – Etchaflesh Halloween Hunt Striped Capris – Color Hud (0L)
*note: gift no longer available*
**follow Etchaflesh on Facebook to keep up with their recent offerings

SHOES – *Serendipity* Payton Chucks – Female @ The Free Dove (0L)

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