Month: September 2016

“Lucy in the Sky”

Lucy in the Sky

It’s official, the first weekend of Fall arrived. ‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice lattes, fall color, and gourds galore.  I had envisioned a blustery scene featuring an auburn haired avi clad in a boyfriend sweater walking her faithful greyhound in Central Park.

…and then I opened the Ricielli Cosmopolitan Room Birthday Gift!  Whoosh, out went all thoughts of Autumn and in rushed Spring.  Pink always has that effect on me, so it’s no wonder that Ricielli’s sleek pink mini dress hijacked today’s post. Of course a dress alone does not a post make.

Last week I picked up the Daria Avatar from The Free Dove, plucked two makeup layers out of the box, and promptly forgot about all the other goodies included.  Today I thought, let’s see what got skipped.  Lucy, featured in this post, is essentially the Daria Avatar.

This is a fantastic freebie generously donated by You Got the Look by Darla.  The package includes two skin variations, a shape, 8 makeup applications, eyelashes, and Maitreya skin appliers.  Need I say more?  Hit the teleports!

Before I post the style card, I’d like to draw your attention to Lucy’s furry friend Cosmo the Magical Hamster.  He is a copy/mod free shoulder pet I found on marketplace.  I originally intended to enlarge him and use him in the photo shoot.  Poor Cosmo’s scenes got cut, but his horns grabbed my attention.  I was able to detach them from him, and resize them for Lucy.  Voila!  Instant cool horns.  Thanks Cosmo for the inspiration.

Lucy’s Style Card:

HAIR – LeLutka OOPS color demo – Powder *5 color sets worth a pickup* (0L)

SKIN – You Got the Look Daria Light Skin – Black Eyebrows @ The Free Dove (0L)

MAKEUP – You Got the Look Daria Avatar– Evening Eyes @ Free Dove (0L)

MAKEUP – You Got the Look Daria Avatar– Smiles Lip Color @ Free Dove (0L)

MAKEUP – :*BABY*:  Starry Night Blush @ Baby Princess Kids – SL Marketplace (0L)

SHAPE – You Got the Look Daria Avatar– Daria Shape @ The Free Dove (0L)

EYES – Poetic Colors Summer Sky Eyes – Beach Night – large medium (0L)

TATTOO – ::Para Designs::  Sleeping Ponies Freebie @ ::Para Designs:: – SL Marketplace (0L)

TATTOO – !!:: Wicked Tattoos ::ii  Pride Tattoo Freebie @ SL Marketplace (0L)

DRESS – Ricielli Audra Dress Gift @The Cosmopolitan Room (0L)

HORNS – Vlad Blackburn Cosmo the Magical Hamster @ SL Marketplace (0L)

RING – Arduenn Schwartzman Free Full-Perm Ring Pop @ SL Marketplace (0L)

SHOES – Vlad Blackburn Strapped Colorable Stiletto w/feet @ SL Marketplace (0L)


CHAIR – HPMD Bubble Chair – Lucky Chair Gift 6 styles & poses @ HPMD (0L)


“Star Light, Star Bright”

Welcome to All Spiffed Up!  A blog dedicated to creating fashionable avatars in Second Life (SL) for FREE.  Many of the old timers that helped me make my debut would say free is simply not possible in SL.  Like many, I joined SL without a single Linden in my virtual pocket.  And, just like everyone else that came before me I spent hours trying on every scrap of clothing in the default inventory.  My avatar would have cried out at the unfairness of it all if only I could have figured out how to make her do anything other than run into walls and fall into ditches. Oh the joys of being a NOOB.

Luckily, I had friends that took me shopping.  I was gifted a great hair, and a lovely Gothic outfit of my choosing then promptly told to go buy myself an AO, a high quality skin, a shape, eyes, and “for goodness sake a decent pair of shoes!”  Apparently my Freebie Dungeon clunky prim boots were wholly unacceptable.

So I took their advice, set out on a whirlwind shopping trip, spent approximately $25 USD and ended up with a good looking, smooth moving avatar.  Of course that initial expenditure was just the tip of the iceberg.

Am I complaining? No.  Have I, over my five years in SL, learned how to dress my avatar for free?  ABSOLUTELY!  So, without further ado let’s get down to business.

Star Light, Star Bright

A great free gown is hard to find.  Or is it?  This lovely magenta gown is to die for and free, free, free.  I’m only sorry I didn’t think to get a closeup of my avi’s derriere.   The texturing is so detailed that you can see a faint panty line under the shimmering satin.  It is almost embarrassing how often I find myself looking at that panty line.

Moving on… the Drew gown in magenta for The Free Dove comes in 5 standard sizes with alphas.  Included in the box but not shown is a pair of black gloves with an Omega applier. PurpleMoon Creations really outdid themselves with this gown.

Iona’s Style Card:

HAIR – Tameless Beatrice – Naturals Roots @ The Free Dove (0L)

SKIN – Avi-Glam Anna Skin T1 – Black Eyebrows – Cleavage @ The Free Dove (0L)

MAKEUP – You Got the Look Daria Avatar – Day Eye Makeup & Blush @ Free Dove (0L)

EYES – Avi-Glam September Eyes – L @ The Free Dove (0L)

NECKLACE – Zyn Multi Hued Gem Necklace – Hematita @ Zyn – SL Marketplace (0L)

FUR – Gizza September Gift [Female] Boa Fur @ Gizza (0L)

GOWN – PurpleMoon Drew Gown in Magenta @ The Free Dove (0L)

SHOES – Loordes of London Vermallion Slingbacks @ The Free Dove (0L)